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About Me

    I started off doing recording and mixing, and still do mix the occasional project, but soon found out there were thousands of people creating and mixing music, with limited to no knowledge on mastering, and even till this day there seems to be this cloud of mystery around the subject. Being the curious person I am, I decided to start to learn more about this craft, and eventually focus most of my business on mastering. I really love mastering music for people. Its a great feeling to get a great song or album, hit play, and just sit back and jam out. Its an even better feeling when you are able to elevate the artists project to the next level, and apply those finishing touches that make them say wow.

    Through years of experience and countless hours of critical listening, my ears have become tuned to the tiniest of details and nuances in music. Having a dedicated mastering room with high quality monitoring and top notch conversion helps as well. When you're looking for someone to master your music, you need someone who will understand you and your vision, and achieve the goals you had in mind. 

    My goal is simple, make your music the best it can be. I will do my best to make everyone feel comfortable with the entire project, and proud of the final outcome. Find out how great your music can sound today! 

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